Septic Tank Risers Come In A Variety Of Sizes

Our septic tank risers are available in 6'' and 12'' heights and 12", 20", and 24" diameters. They are superior risers designed to hold their shape. They are stackable, they screw together, and are water and air tight. Order multiple Polylok with the Polylok lids for different heights. The lids lock into position to allow easy installation of stainless steel safety screws (included). If you bury the lid, it has the ability to be located with a metal detector. 

Each riser and lid is made of a very durable and longlasting high quality plastic. Structural ribs inside on Polylok makes these risers very strong allowing them to be buried at great depths and maintain their shape. Because every riser and lid order is unique, and it requires extra time and material to ship these items, we are not able to offer free shipping for these items. For assistance in helping you get the right product for your specific application please call toll free and talk to one of our specially trained and experienced technicians at 1-877-925-5132.

Septic Tank Risers Come In A Variety Of Sizes

Septic Solutions, Inc. suggests that you add our septic tank risers and lids to your existing septic tank to allow access for ease of routine maintenance. If you have a concrete septic tank you would need our septic tank mounting kit, septic tank adapter ring, septic tank risers, and a septic tank lid or cover. The septic tank risers come in different heights and diameters. The most popular septic tank riser diameter would be our 20- inch model. These risers also come in 12 and 24-inch diameters. The septic tank riser heights are 6-inch or 12-inch. These septic tank risers will snap and screw together enabling you to achieve whatever height necessary to extend your risers approximately 3 inches or so above ground. For instance should your septic tank be 15 inches below ground you would first mount our septic tank adapter ring over your opening to the top of the septic tank with our mounting kit. Then attach  3 six inch tall by either 20 inch diameter or 24 inch diameter septic tank risers which would extend 18 inches above the septic tank. Since your tank is 15 inches below grade this combination would allow the septic tank riser cover to be approximately 3 inches above grade ensuring easy access without allowing surface water to enter the septic tank. These installations are very easy and can be done quickly.

The costs of your septic tank risers and covers will probably be saved the next time you have your septic tank pumped as the pumpers are not going to dig down 15 inches to find an opening in your septic tank to pump it out for free. You shouldn’t expect them too. Other added benefits would include being able to check your septic tank periodically to see if it is working properly. If you live in a cold climate and your septic tank needs pumped in January, the ground could be frozen making it nearly impossible to do. When your stools won’t flush and the ground is frozen making it impossible to pump your septic tank for several weeks or a month you’ll wish you would have added those very important septic tank risers and covers when you had the chance. Save money and call Septic Solutions, Inc. today to order your septic tank risers and covers today.

Special Note: Order a set of septic tank risers and covers and place them over the outlet end of your septic tank. Then order one of our varieties of septic tank filters and filter assemblies and mount it to the outlet of your septic tank. This will ensure that no large particles will be able to leave the septic tank and enter into your field absorption system or whatever type of secondary treatment system you might have. Adding a septic tank filter should greatly prolong the life of your septic system.